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Photo Gallery

Light it up Blue Event 02nd April 2014 Light it up Blue Event 02nd April 2014 Mrs Michelle Muscat - Honorary Chairperson APA Mrs Michelle Muscat opening this great event in aid of Autism Awareness - Part of the Light it in Blue Events. 195729052 195729100 195729058 195729053 195729051 195729057 Auberge de Castille in BLUE !! 192001167 Part of the APA Crew at the Event 192001171 Mrs. Michelle Muscat opening the fundraising dinner. After the Lighting up ceremony, The Marigold Foundation organised a fundraising dinner at the Ambassador?s Hall in Castille, where proceeds were gathered for the Association of Parents of Children with Autism to join the European forum and keep abreast with what is happening on the European platform and further afield. 195729056 195729055 195729054 LIUB Event Malta - 02 April 2014 192001165 LIUB Event Malta - 02 April 2014 192001168 LIUB Event Malta - 02 April 2014 192001169 195729059 APA LIUB Poster - 02 April 2014 192001166 192001173